Software solutions for virtual exhibition planning

Planning an art exhibition means being engaged in a complex dialogue between arts, architecture and logistics. cura3D offers professional tools to support highly professional curators efficiently. From the first days of development, cura3D‘s solutions have grown in close cooperation between exhibition planners, museum officials and IT experts. Today, cura3D‘s museum pro solution has become one of the leading tools in 3D exhibition planning – 100% intuitive in usage and 100% dedicated to what curators really need in their daily practice.

Special concepts require expert solutions: cura3D offers a wide range of customized services in exhibition planning. Be it to integrate large-scale exhibit depot stocks for frequent exhibition changes or the acquisition of complex baroque architecture by laser scanning. Moreover, we have gathered experience in technical visualization for many years. We have the tools to assist you with the special requirements of your museum or gallery to find the perfect IT match for you and your 3D visions. Just have look and contact us!

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